Thursday, April 30, 2015

Luxurious transfer of Service Transfers

If you are in the city of Marrakech, then you have a choice, the choice to avoid all of those grumpy and over priced cabs and their drivers, you have the choice to get impeccable service at a reasonable price, to have professionalism, the comfort and respect you deserve.
With Service Transfers, first of all, you get to choose the vehicle that is the most convenient for you, whether you want a large vehicle for more comfort and privacy, or you want a luxurious vehicle, or even a mini bus... they are all available, and they all come with professional chauffeurs, catering to all your needs, making sure that you are comfortable and enjoying the ride, as they will wait patiently for you way before time at your point of arrival, whether it is your hotel, or the airport.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The city of Casablanca, is in the palm of your hand

The city of Casablanca, one of things that this city is known for is first of all, its size, this is the largest city in the entire country of Morocco, it is also known for being the economical capital of the kingdom, a lot of businesses and companies are establishing and building their headquarters in this city, it's a crossroad for anyone who wants to have a future business here in Morocco.
Moreover, the city has many issues, and one of those issues would be transportation, the fact  that it is a big city, it doesn't help at all, it is actually making harder for anyone to move around the city freely without losing tons of money on overpriced cabs. However, you do not have to go through any of that anymore, with the help of Service Transfers, you can choose your vehicle of choice, and the driver will be there on time, and that is when you'll finally indulge in a comfortable, cheap and fast transition.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The beautiful city of Essaouira, now became more fun!

As we know the city of Essaouira is not that big, as you can literally walk through the entire city in a matter of hours, but this doesn't stop you from taking the occasional cab or transport from and towards the airport. Moreover, this can be an issue for some people, it can become very troublesome trying to find transport right after your plane lands, and when you do, it'll be for sure an over priced one. For this there is a solution, and an amazing one for that matter, Service Transfers is a company that has blessed the country of Morocco and many of its cities, including the city of Essaouira, as it offers transfer services at a low price, with very professional drivers, a variety of vehicles, and a guaranteed smooth transition to your accommodation.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Highly professional and reliable service transfers

In a world full of excitement, your curiosity starts itching, it wants and it needs to know more and more, and that is when you would love to travel, so with traveling you discover how far we have gotten ahead as human beings, with all the new inventions, the cars, trains, airplanes, and especially the air planes, it is just amazing what we have come, and what we have created. However, with all this, there must be some drawbacks, there aren't a lot, but they are worth mentioning, we all suffer from jet lag, and the different time zones that make you feel as if you have just taken drugs, it is all very annoying, but there is a way to make it all less intense, and that is by choosing the right transfer right after you arrive to your destination, and in Morocco Service Transfers are the best!

Friday, April 3, 2015

The greatness of this world

No matter how you look at it, travelling is one of the best things in life, it makes you feel new, fresh and truly amazing, it is one of those things that remind us what is important in life and who is important in life, it gets your focus sharpened, it helps you with whatever problem you might have, it might even fade on the spot, as you come across the majestic beauty that god has blessed us with. However, there are many things that make travelling quite stressful, and among those things is the fact that it is quite tiring, changing continents or countries, or even cities, being jetlagged, suffering from the different time zones, but it is all worth it... try and get yourself the best transferring service, with one of the best companies here in Morocco, Service Transfers will help smoothing your transition! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Impeccable service

Service Transfers, is as the company's name, a transfer service, but this company is a bit different, it doesn't just focus on the idea of transitioning a client from point A to point B, it does more than that, it creates a community, it makes traveling much more enjoyable, it creates a connection between the clients and the drivers, it creates a connection between the newcomer and the cities of Morocco, this is a wonderful company that is doing more than a lot of people expect from it. As you book your own
driver and vehicle depending on your preference, as you arrive in the airport, you will find the driver waiting with a sign that has your name on it, help you with your luggage, have a great conversation, in the comfortable and well cleaned vehicle.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Service Transfers, made my journey much enjoyable

I have been to the kingdom of Morocco before, and I was heading to Marrakech in fact, but the problem is, I was really sick for waiting for a cab, stressed from my flight, jet lagged of course, over tired, and sleepy, the different time, the time difference always gets me, but that is the only draw back when it comes to flying. Moreover, as soon as I got a cab, it was first of all, an uncomfortable ride, the driver wasn't that friendly, and I eventually learned that he actually overcharged me. However, this time around, as I was coming to the city of Marrakech, I booked a sedan at Service Transfers, I heard they were at the top of their game, and they actually came through, the chauffeur was very professional, and I found him easily, plus, the drive was extra smooth, and we had a great conversation on top of it all.